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The Case Studies Discussion

These case studies have been used in one face to face workshop and several online courses. In this wiki, I have compiled the unique contributions of all participants.

There are no right or wrong answers. Please feel free to contribute your ideas to the current brainstorm.

Summary of Phases (Adopted from Floyd & Casey-Powell (2003) New Roles for Student Support Services in Distance Learning

Phase 1 - Prior to enrollment
Phase 2 - Upon registration through week two of the semester
Phase 3 - From week three throughout the semester
Phase 4 - As learners are planning to leave the institution

Case Studies

April (traditional age student, new mother, takes all courses online, local, undecided major).
May (returning adult student, vet with disabilities, takes all courses online, can only come to campus with great difficulty).
June (returning adult student, busy professional/career changer, all courses online, can only come to campus for exams).
Bob (traditional age student, first generation college student, takes some courses online and others oncampus).
Chad (traditional age student, undecided major, all courses online, stationed in Iraq).
Doug (returning adult student, lost job, needs to re-train, not excited about the need to return to school).

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