Learner Intake Phase I - All Students

Learner Intake Phase (prior to enrollment) students need information about:

Demands of online learning

  • Admissions
  • Online program
  • Placement testing
  • Contact information
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Orientation to college
  • Fit or readiness for online learning

What else do online students need to know beside what is listed above?

  • faculty advising
  • career services
  • opportunities for informal communication (Crawley & LeGore)

Who will assume responsibility for delivering these services?

  • Student Affairs
  • Academic Affairs

What is the best delivery method for these services?

  • all online if possible, with on-site support as well for local students to access

How to these resources contribute on online succcess?

  • new online student has the resources available to help them prior to enrolling, it will most likely ensure success after they enroll in a distance education course. It is vitally important for students to be engaged and motivated in DE, and this is done by communication and services that offer the online student a seamless entry into distance education.
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